Four broken wooden chairs with no upholstery – £1M

4 broken wooden chairs

Four broken wooden chairs with no upholstery made for Charles X then seized in French Revolution in 1789 sold for a whopping £1M The antique chairs were originally made for French Emperor Louis XVI’s younger brother, Charles X in 1778  Charles had ordered them to furnish his famous bed chamber at his opulent Chateau de …

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Magnetic Floating Bed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars – £1.2M

Magnetic Floating Bed

Janjaap Ruijssenaars, a Dutch architect, created a magnetic floating bed that would allow you to sleep in a bed that is floating in mid-air. Janjaap challenged himself to step away from the power of gravity, starting with refrigerator magnets and home-made models with ceramic magnets to test the first idea, to finally create the world’s …

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SHUMUKH, the world’s most expensive and luxurious unisex perfume – £1.034M

SHUMUKH the world’s most expensive perfume

The Spirit of Dubai Parfumes by Nabeel, an ultra-luxury fragrance brand from the UAE are the creators of Shumukh, the world’s most expensive and luxurious unisex perfume, valued at AED 4.752 million /£1.034 million. Shumukh is a multiple Guinness World Record holding perfume that showcases seven key elements of Dubai and adorned by 3,571 diamonds, gold, silver, pearls …

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The worlds most expensive kitchen ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ designed by Claudio Celiberti – £1.6M

The worlds most expensive kitchen, the ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ designed by Claudio Celiberti was unveiled at One Mayfair in London, back in 2013 at a prestigious event co-hosted by celebrity chef, Aldo Zilli. Taking over twelve months to create, the ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ kitchen pushed the boundaries of what was possible. Combining Claudio Celiberti’s no-compromise …

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Small brown armchair. £19m

A small brown leather armchair once owned by Yves Saint Laurent was sold for £19.4 million, making it the most expensive piece of 20th-century design to ever be auctioned. The armchair, by Irish designer Eileen Gray, was only expected to reach around £3 million at Christie’s in Paris. But despite the global recession, frenzied bidding …

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