The worlds most expensive kitchen ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ designed by Claudio Celiberti – £1.6M

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The worlds most expensive kitchen, the ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ designed by Claudio Celiberti was unveiled at One Mayfair in London, back in 2013 at a prestigious event co-hosted by celebrity chef, Aldo Zilli.

Over the span of more than a year, the creation of the ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ kitchen embarked on a journey that redefined the limits of possibility. Marrying Claudio Celiberti’s unwavering commitment to stunning design with the use of the finest natural materials, this opulent kitchen was meticulously crafted in Italy and showcased the renowned ‘Crystal of Murano’ (Cristallo di Murano) at its heart.

The worlds most expensive kitchen
Fiore di Cristallo

Crafted using time-honoured techniques hailing from the island of Murano, the process of fashioning this crystal remains shrouded in intricate complexity, closely guarded as a cherished secret. The outcome is a crystal of unparalleled quality, devoid of any imperfections or air bubbles, serving as the ideal complement to Claudio’s exceptional design prowess.

The custom-designed kitchen boasted the most lavish finish, including cupboards lined with copper, a metal renowned for its inherent antimicrobial properties, effectively neutralising harmful microorganisms. Each of the 27 cupboards, with a design and handcrafting cost exceeding £400,000, featured a 9mm crystal handle meticulously fashioned according to a detailed and bespoke template.

Furthermore, the kitchen showcased a crystal island valued at £36,850, a stone worktop priced at £6,850, a crystal basin at £2,680, and Philip Starck taps, clad in chrome and encrusted with crystal, valued at £1,600.

The worlds most expensive kitchen
Fiore di Cristallo kitchen by Claudio Celiberti

At the heart of this kitchen lies a contemporary yet graceful Swarovski Crystal and Cristallo di Murano chandelier, a creation masterminded by Claudio Celiberti. This one-of-a-kind, attention-commanding illumination, painstakingly crafted at a cost of £26,400, serves as a captivating focal point, casting light in a mesmerising dance across the crystal surfaces.

The hefty £1.6 million price tag also encompasses a collection of handcrafted Gaggenau appliances, valued at over £24,000. This German company, with a venerable history spanning more than three centuries, has consistently redefined the art of the domestic kitchen with its globally acclaimed offerings. Among the award-winning products gracing this kitchen are a £5,000 refrigerator, a wine climate cabinet valued at £2,762, and a £1,714 espresso/coffee machine. All these elements combine to earn it the prestigious title of the world’s most extravagant kitchen.

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