Passport to 50, around the world in 20 days – £11m

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The Passport to 50 is a globe-trotting escapade that comes with a jaw-dropping price tag of £11 million.

Prepare for the ultimate extravagant adventure as a luxury travel boutique unveils an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experience, tailor-made for those with deep pockets. DreamMaker, the mastermind behind this opulent journey, offers a select group of millionaire wanderers the chance to explore the world aboard a private Boeing 767 jet. This exclusive odyssey spans 20 cities across 20 days, accommodating up to 50 guests and their entourage.

Approximately 12 percent of the journey will be spent onboard this stunning private jet.

This extraordinary adventure commences in the tropical paradise of Koh Samui, Thailand, before whisking participants away to breathtaking destinations such as Siem Reap, Kathmandu, Agra, Florence, Siena, Cannes, Moulinet, London, Barcelona, Ibiza, Marbella, Marrakech, Havana, Knoxville, Kona, El Nido, and a mysterious “secret island,” concluding with a grand finale in Manila.

Travellers will stop off in Florence, where they’ll visit the breath-taking Villa Cora dining room.

When it comes to the in-flight experience, no detail has been spared in ensuring absolute comfort and luxury. The private jet boasts lavishly furnished bedrooms, providing a cosy haven for weary jet-setters. With more than 31,000 kilometres to cover in the air, comprising approximately 12 per cent of the entire journey, this oasis in the sky ensures that passengers arrive at each destination refreshed and revitalised.

They will also get the opportunity to stop off at the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia.

But the extravagant accommodations are just the beginning. DreamMaker has curated a collection of exclusive experiences and treats to keep guests entertained throughout their epic voyages. Highlights include sipping cocktails and trying their luck in Las Vegas, indulging in a Michelin-starred feast in Spain, enjoying a private film screening in Cannes, and revelling in fashion events and styling facilities in Florence.

The in-flight bedrooms are cosy and comfortable, to prevent passengers from getting worn out from all the globe-trotting.

To cater to every whim and desire, more than 50 dedicated staff members are on hand, providing exceptional service and personalized attention. From private chefs crafting delectable culinary creations to spa sessions, yoga classes, and wine tastings, no luxury is spared. Guests can even avail themselves of the services of a personal hypnotherapist for a truly rejuvenating experience.

El Nido in Palawan, the Philippines, is another of the locations visited during the trip.

As a testament to opulence, guests will receive a set of 18-karat gold swizzle sticks adorned with exquisite white and blue diamonds, valued at a staggering £800,000. These diamond-encrusted marvels, 50 in total, exemplify the grandeur of this journey.

Holidaymakers have many relaxing services at their disposal, including yoga classes and hypnotherapy sessions.

While the Passport to 50 is undeniably indulgent, DreamMaker also endeavours to make a positive impact through charitable initiatives. A portion of the profits from this luxury expedition will be donated to non-profit organizations. Additionally, DreamMaker aims to support underprivileged children worldwide through Experiential Giving. As part of their philanthropic efforts, they plan to distribute 2,500 bicycles to rural children in Cambodia, enabling them to travel to school and provide clean drinking water for 50,000 children in the Philippines.

They’ll even be able to let their hair down with an expert poker player in Vegas.

Gregory Patrick, the visionary founder of DreamMaker, emphasises the importance of striking a balance between extravagance and benevolence. He remarks, “It makes no sense to work so hard to please the most discerning of clientele without making the same effort to balance the decadence with an element of kindness that delivers higher levels of fulfilment.”

Over 50 members of staff are at the customers’ disposal throughout their journey.
50 of the diamond-encrusted swizzle sticks are one of the trip’s most valuable amenities.

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