Stuart Weitzman Ruby Stilettos – £1.2 million

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In 2023 at Harrods of London, Stuart Weitzman unveiled a pair of ruby stiletto heels that left spectators in awe, commanding an astonishing price tag of $1.6 million. (£1.2 million)

Stuart Weitzman, inspired by the iconic ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, has crafted a magnificent pair of shoes. The insole of these ruby stilettos is a vibrant cherry red, while the upper portion showcases the meticulous placement of 642 round and oval Burma rubies, nestled within lustrous red satin. The combined weight of these precious gemstones is an astounding 123.33 carats, held in place by a platinum setting that weighs half a pound.

Originally intended to be unveiled at the 2003 Academy Awards and displayed for the public to marvel at, the creator hesitated due to the ongoing war in Iraq and ultimately decided against the grand unveiling. It was indeed a regrettable turn of events. One can’t help but wonder where else these extraordinary ruby shoes, valued at £1.2 million, could have been showcased and appreciated.

Stuart Weitzman Ruby Stilettos that cost £1.2 million pounds

Who is Stuart Weitzman?

Stuart Weitzman is a renowned name in the world of luxury footwear, recognised for his exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. With a career spanning several decades, Weitzman has established himself as a visionary shoemaker, creating footwear that seamlessly combines style, comfort, and elegance. 

His creations are celebrated for their meticulous attention to detail, exquisite materials, and the incorporation of precious gemstones and unique embellishments. Weitzman’s commitment to quality and his ability to push boundaries in footwear design has garnered him a loyal following of fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. His exceptional talent has cemented his legacy as one of the most influential and respected figures in the shoe industry.

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