The Masterpiece Rubik’s Cube – £2m

Masterpiece Rubik’s Cube was crafted in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube by Fred Cueller, CEO and founder of Diamond Cutters International.

The Rubik’s Cube, conceived in 1974, is one of the world’s most iconic toys. Around one in seven people have fiddled with this familiar cube of colours, likely including you, dear reader. Perhaps you’ve even solved it on one occasion.

But have you ever laid eyes on the world’s most expensive Rubik’s Cube?

Masterpiece Rubik’s Cube

Functional as its plastic cousin, the Masterpiece took approximately 8,500 hours to produce and is assembled from 18-karat yellow gold and over 185-carats of various gemstones.

Instead of bright plastic stickers, in its completed state, you would have admired 34 carats of rubies, 34 carats of emeralds and 22.5 carats of amethyst. Interestingly, amethyst, a violet semi-precious stone, replaced the orange side and is specially protected from public view to prevent the Masterpiece Cube’s design from being replicated.

At the 2:00 mark, Cueller finally unveils and presents the Masterpiece Cube to Erno Rubik, the founding father of the original Rubik’s Cube, in all its shimmering glory in front of an audience at the Liberty Science Centre’s ‘Genius Gala’ during the Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition event.

According to BRC’s site, the Masterpiece Cube is currently valued at $2.5 million USD, making it the world’s most expensive puzzle.

SOURCE: Secret City Adventures
PICTURE: Beyond Rubik’s Cube