Toilet Paper… seriously… yes I said toilet paper. £1m

Approximate value

For those of who just have way too much money, this product is for you! Thanks to the Australian toilet paper company appropriately named Toilet Paper Man, you can bring the next level of luxury to your bathroom experience by purchasing a single roll of this first world necessity for $1.23 million.

According to the product’s description, you will feel extra fancy wiping your derriere while the 24 carat gold flakes fall onto your skin as well as the floor. All things considered, you can at least be thankful that it’s a 3-ply and you’ll get a “free” bottle of champagne in the process, but that still seems a tad extreme, even for the richest people out there. Either way, if it floats your boat then jump on the opportunity and, if you act now, you can even buy it on sale!

Source: The richest

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