Concept for 200-yard-long mega-catamaran with a built in HARBOUR – £450B

A team of German designers from Beiderbeck Design have produced a concept for an unbelievable £450 billion mega-catamaran so big it could be used as a ‘floating harbour’ with a 250ft long pier.

The Galileo a £450billion concept yacht

The remarkable 650ft catamaran is designed to ‘stretch the limits of what is possible’ and has an enormous ‘harbour area’ below the main deck.
It will also have a 5300sqft open-air pool, and an ‘outdoor amphitheatre style’ cinema.

The Galileo 2 would have on board, room for entertainment, lounge areas and even a 5000sqft pool. The mega-catamaran has a unique ‘fold-down’ restaurant for its 38 guests to experience and also has an onboard hospital, just in case of emergencies

helicopter platform with room to store the aircraft and a place to refuel

The Galileo2, created by Beiderbeck Designs, has been described as ‘the greatest catamaran concept’ ever designed.

The catamaran will be powered by a methanol drive system and will ‘pioneer geothermal energy’ in yachting, the designers said

If guests need to board the boat while it is already at sea, there will also be a helicopter platform with room to store the aircraft and a place to refuel.

Beiderbeck Designs estimated the cost of the super yacht to be around £450billion

Upto 75 crew will be required to keep the craft operational including expert chefs, cinema attendants, bar staff and many more.

The ‘fully equipped harbour’ between the two hulls has room for up to 25 ‘toys’ such as jet ski’s, submarines, and even smaller boats.

concept of Beiderbeck Designs

The vessel has a top speed of 22 knots with a range of 19,000 miles.

The Beiderbeck Design estimated the cost of the superyacht is around £450billion, before adding the value of jet skis, submarines and other smaller yachts.

A spokesman for Beiderbeck design, said: ‘We estimate the costs at around 500 billion euros (£450billion) without toys and a with just the standard interior.

fully equipped marina

They also stated, if you want luxury interior, there are no limits on what the price might be. They believe it is the greatest concept that has ever been developed for a catamaran.’