Wild West Town in New Zealand – £8.5M

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Courtesy of Sotheby’s New Zealand, Wild West enthusiasts can now own a slice of American frontier history with the purchase of an entire old west town in New Zealand?.

Mellonsfolly Ranch was built in 2006 by western enthusiast John Bedogni as a homage to an 1860s Wyoming frontier town.

Located in the heart of New Zealand, Mellonsfolly Ranch is a truly breath-taking estate positioned on more than 900 acres of the Central Plateau in the North Island of New Zealand. The Mellonsfolly Ranch is on sale for £8.5M. It comes complete with ten period themed buildings and a profitable Manuka honey business.

Wild West town New Zealand Mellons Folly Ranch

This unique property features three distinct homes – the main private residence and two rental houses that double as staff accommodation, the ranch is also home to New Zealand’s Old West Town. Ten themed buildings meticulously replicate an 1860’s Wyoming frontier town. Built-in 2006, the property was crafted with astounding consideration to detail, and a standard of quality rarely found in even the most beautiful homes.

Located about six hours by car from Auckland, while also accessible by a helipad, the site currently operates as a boutique hotel, with nightly hire-out rates starting from $5,000. But it also presents other possible business opportunities. The Old West Town appears rough and ready on the outside, yet has all the characteristics of a luxury destination. With overnight accommodation for up to 22 guests.

Wild West town New Zealand Mellons Folly hotel

Guests are treated to a trip back in time – complete with an authentic and licensed saloon, a courthouse that twins as a cinema, a sheriff’s office and a billiards lounge, all strung together by a well-worn boardwalk.

Wild West town New Zealand Mellons Folly Saloon
Wild West town New Zealand-Mellons Folly Ranch Court House
Wild West town New Zealand Mellons Folly Ranch Billiards Room
Mellons Folly Ranch Board walk
Mellons Folly Ranch Bank

In this wild west town in New Zealand, the current owners enjoy a desirable lifestyle on the property; summer is for hunting, fishing and swimming in the rivers that wind their way through valleys. And during winter, they benefit from the nearby picturesque ski town of Okahune and the Mount Ruapehu ski fields.

Wild West town New Zealand Mellons Folly Ranch View

Taking advantage of the surrounding pristine native bush, Mellonsfolly Ranch operates a thriving Manuka honey business. Famed the world over, Manuka honey is one of New Zealand’s prized and most profitable exports. New Zealand manuka honey has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years due to its unique taste and perceived health benefits.

Mellons Folly Saloon at night

In 2019, the ranch produced 15.5 tons of Manuka from around 600 hives, according to its current owner Rob Bartley. “There’s a lot of money there. Especially with China coming back, now they’re paying big money for it,”

SOURCE: Sotheby’s(New Zealand)

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